Summer Wheelchair Ramp Safety

Summer Wheelchair Ramp Safety: Top Tips for a Safe Season!

Summer is the perfect time to gather with friends and family for outdoor activities and fun in the sun, but wheelchair users should take extra precautions to stay safe during this season.

We have put together some practical tips for wheelchair users to stay safe and enjoy the summer weather:

1. Maintain Your Ramp

During summertime, storms tend to occur more frequently. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to keep your wheelchair ramp clean. You don’t want debris to obstruct your path. Dirt, mud, or branches can affect the slip-resistant surface of your ramp and put you at risk. To keep it in top condition, hose down the ramp after bad weather.

Puddles can be a common sight after a storm, but they can also be hazardous to wheelchair users—especially those who do not have an open-mesh aluminum modular ramp. Deep puddles can damage your chair’s internal components and are considered a safety hazard. To avoid them, keep your ramp path clear, and if you must cross puddles, do so slowly.

2. Protect Your Hands with Gloves

For wheelchair users, hot tires can be a real problem in summer. The heat from friction on hot cement and asphalt can make traveling uncomfortable and even dangerous. We recommend investing in a pair of gloves to make your journeys more tolerable. Gloves make a big difference in keeping your wheelchair cooled and hands blister-free.

3. Improve Your Wheelchair Battery Life

Electric wheelchair users, are you taking care of your battery during the summer? Hot temperatures can lead to faster drainage, so you’ll need to charge more frequently. Another tip for batter lift improvements is to keep a spare on hand when out.

We hope that our tips on wheelchair ramp safety have been helpful to you and your loved ones.

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