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    Paramount Living Aids enables people with mobility impairments to live independently by improving home safety with Stairlifts and other personalized home modifications.

    Paramount Living Aids offers a number of stairlift options from industry leading manufacturers. Our Indoor Stairlifts enable free movement from the basement all the way to the top floor. We have Outdoor stairlifts that can help you access decks, gardens and other multilevel landscaping that you enjoy, usually following the same paths as existing stairs

    Other Products And Services

    The right home safety and mobility modifications can significantly improve quality of life for those with mobility impairments. At Paramount Living Aids we offer a variety of products and services that can help you live independently in your home.

    We offer ramping solutions that accommodate virtually any mobility application. We also offer Power seat lift recliner chairs that can help those with difficulty rising from a seated position.

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      “The pandemic was just one more hurdle.”

      Our family has been faced with health issues and unexpected events in recent years. The pandemic was just one more hurdle. Thanks to you and your team there was a happy solution. The crisis required my brother to relocate from Manhattan to NY with just 24 hour notice. He went from a flat to a multi-story condo overnight on March 17. By some lucky star on March 17 someone from your Company arrived to measure (sorry cannot remember the name but very professional and knowledgeable) and by end of day, a lift was installed. It made what was an impossible… Read More… ““The pandemic was just one more hurdle.””

      Rosemarie, Wayne Pa

      “So pleased. Would highly recommend this business.”

      Shout out to all who came out and fixed my son’s ramp. You made it right. It now is perfect. You stood behind your work and put the consumer first. So pleased. Would highly recommend this business.


        Common Stairlift Myths: Debunked!

        Believe it or not, staircases can be one of the toughest challenges to overcome in our homes. But fear not. There are convenient home accessibility solutions available: stairlifts. Stairlifts provide an easy, cost-effective option to transform homes into more user-friendly spaces. Unfortunately, several misconceptions surrounding stairlifts cause many to overlook them as a great solution. With that said, we’re here to debunk some of the most common myths about stairlifts and give you all the tools you need to make a knowledgeable decision. Myth 1: I want to get a stairlift, but I can’t because my staircase has curves andRead More… “Common Stairlift Myths: Debunked!”

        Important Questions to Ask Before Your Stairlift Installation

        Aging or having mobility troubles can make it challenging to go up and down stairs. A stairlift is a tool that can greatly improve the safety of your home’s stairs, especially for those having trouble moving up and down them. However, before you consider purchasing and installing a stairlift, you should ask some essential questions. This blog post will highlight some of the most important questions you must ask during decision-making.  What Is the Cost of the Stairlift Installation? The first question to ask is about the cost of the stairlift installation. How much will it cost? You need toRead More… “Important Questions to Ask Before Your Stairlift Installation”

        What is a Modular Ramp?

        What is a Modular Ramp? Modular ramps have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and affordability. A modular ramp is essentially made up of smaller parts that are then connected together to create a single, reliable structure for wheelchair access or other uses. These ramps come in many different shapes and sizes and are designed with safety, comfort, and accessibility in mind. Modular ramps are also easy to install and maintain and can be moved if necessary. They provide an ideal solution for those who need access solutions but don’t want the expense of a permanentRead More… “What is a Modular Ramp?”

        Taking Balance Issues Seriously

        Balance issues can affect all of us and often occur without warning. Unexpected balance issues can be very disruptive, making it difficult for people to carry out everyday tasks such as walking, standing, and climbing stairs. Every year, millions of elderly Americans are faced with the risk of a most serious health hazard: falling. The CDC estimates that nearly one-third of seniors suffer falls annually, resulting in 20%-30% sustaining moderate or severe injuries. While falls may seem minor, older adults should know that they are the leading cause of injury and death. Even if not fatal, fractures from falling canRead More… “Taking Balance Issues Seriously”