Frequently Asked Questions About Stairlifts

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How Much does a stairlift cost?
Price can vary depending on configuration of the steps and what options are selected. Some units have power options which include power folding seat and foot rest, power folding rail system (hinge Rail), and more. The average basic straight stairlift can be installed for about $3,500.  Adding power options adds cost. The custom curve stairlift can range from $9,000-$15,000, depending on options.

How does a stairlift get mounted?
The stair lifts, regardless of it its straight or curved, is screwed down directly into the treds of the steps, it is a misconception that these lifts get mounted to the wall. Each home is different and depending on the age of the home and how it was constructed you never know the strength of the wall. Securing directly to the steps is the safest way.

Do they run on electricity?
No. Years ago, our product manufacturers made the switch over to having completely battery powered stairlifts. They run 100% on battery power, and the units are plugged in at all times, for charging purposes of those batteries. The main reason they made the switch to battery power was so in case of an emergency and the power goes out, the lift is still operational.

What Maintenance is required?
Depending on which make and model was installed, the maintenance can vary. Brooks/Acorn – The gear teeth located on the top side of the rail should be lubricated (sprayed with hardwood polish such as pledge) once a month. This keeps dirt and dust from building up in between the teeth, allowing for a smoother, quieter ride. Bruno – The Bruno stair lifts use a downward facing gear which requires a yearly maintenance. This can be done by the consumer as well. Regardless of which unit is installed, consumers are recommended to have us (the dealer) come out for a full yearly check-over after the first two years of use. This includes testing of all safety’s, wire harnesses, and battery voltage. This is about a 30 min to 1-hour job that is billed as a service call/labor.

How Long does it take to install a stair lift?
It depends on the make and model and configuration of the stair lift. For a standard straight stair lift, installation time can take between 1 and 2 hours. For a custom curve Bruno stair lift – depending on complexity of the lift – it can take between 3 and 6 hours.

Does Medicare or insurance cover stairlifts?
Insurance does not cover stairlifts.

How Long does the process take from evaluation to installation?
Standard straight rail units like the Bruno Elan, have a quick turnaround, as we keep these units in stock at all times and can install them within 1 to 5 business days after we complete the in-home assessment. The heavy-duty Bruno Elite SRE-2010 model (400lb capacity) requires a deposit to order equipment because these are not normal stocking items. The process from evaluation to installation can occur within 10 to 15 business days of receiving the deposit, lead times may vary with shipping. The custom curve stair lift is more of a process. The time from evaluation to installation also varies because fabrication of these stairlifts is completely custom made, meaning it will fit the steps it is made for and that is it. This is about a 5 week process from evaluation, to receiving the deposit, to installation.

Since the unit runs on batteries, how often are they replaced?
Battery life can vary on many things, weight of the consumer, how often the unit is used, making sure it is always charging when not being used, and other such factors.  Average battery life on a unit is anywhere from 2 to 5 years.

How much energy does it use to charge?
Stair lifts use what we call a trickle charge system, unlike scooters and other accessibility equipment where you have to plug in and charge at the end of each use, the stair lift stays plugged in at all times. When the unit moves it uses battery power, when returned to a charge point, it begins to slowly charge the batteries back to 100%. This pulls about the same amount of electric as an alarm clock. When the batteries reach fully charged, the unit internally turns the charger off. Again, the charger is always plugged in.

How much room does a stairlift take up?
On a standard straight unit, when everything is folded up, it sits about 12 inches off the wall or nearest obstruction (Handrail on the wall). Minimum width for a standard stair lift is about 28” wide, custom curve or Bruno 2010 straight require at least 32 inches’ wide.

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