How To Reduce The Risk Of Falls In Your Home

Prevent falls and other injuries at home

As we age, so does the risk for a fall. Falls can happen anywhere, at any time. There are a lot of reasons why people fall. Some result from medications, medical conditions and others are caused by our environment. Medical conditions or medications that cause dizziness, balance issues, visual impairment or loss of strength raise the risks for a fall. There are many preventable risk factors in our own homes, like stairs, poor lighting, slippery floors, unsecured power cords, reaching for cupboards, loose carpets and rugs. Here are some ways to make your home the safest place possible.

Safety and efficiency should be the main concern when designing a bathroom for someone with mobility issues. Most bathrooms have hard tile flooring. Using Non-Slip Mats helps create traction and reduces risk. Replace towel racks with Grab Bars which can be used to gain balance. Place Grab Bars inside and outside of the tub/shower to help with entering and exiting. Shower Chairs greatly reduce risk while taking a shower. They allow you to safely sit during the shower and greatly reduce the risk of a fall. Lastly, a lot of people with mobility issues have a tough time with standard toilets. Toilet Safety Frames help get you off the toilet safely while keeping your balance.

We should all feel safe and comfortable inside our own homes. There are a lot of ways we can prevent and limit the risk of injury inside our homes. Mobility issues can cause difficulty in using the stairs and enjoying the whole house. Stair Lifts will help you safely navigate the steps and allow you to use the entire house. Reading the paper or watching TV is relaxing for most of us. However, it’s a problem if you can’t get in or out of your comfortable chair. Seat Lift Recliners are comfortable and stylish recliners which mechanically raise you to a standing position. We offer models that can also get you to a zero-degree laying position. Again, Grab Bars are an easy way to make sure you are secure when balance might be an issue. Placing them in certain areas where you have issues can reduce risk. Wearing proper footwear, keeping power cords hidden and removing clutter are easy ways to reduce the risk of a fall. Make sure you replace dim lightbulbs with bright bulbs and check your smoke detectors on a regular basis.

We recommend having a Mobility Professional like a Paramount Living Aids technician, evaluate your home. Besides the equipment and examples shown above, there are many more safety options available. Most safety aids take minimal time to install and require little to no modification to the home. Having equipment that lowers the risk of injury inside your home helps keep you independent and lets you focus on the things you want to do not the things you can’t do.

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