Let’s Learn About Stairlifts

130 stairlift seated

At Paramount we deal with multiple manufacturers allowing us to provide as many options as possible for a wide variety of residential consumers around Scranton PA, Lancaster PA, Philadelphia PA, Allentown PA, and Harrisburg PA.

The brands we carry are Acorn 130 Stairlift, Brooks 130 Stair Lift and the Bruno Elan 3000, which can handle up to 300lbs, these are all straight stairlifts for a residential setting

If a consumer is over 300lbs we offer the Acorn and Brooks HD Straight Stair Lift, which can handle up to 350lbs in a residential setting.

If the consumer is over the threshold of 300-350 lbs we would look to install a Bruno 2010 Stairlift which is capable of handling up to 400 lbs.

These are all straight residential stairlift applications, in the situation where there is a set of steps up to a landing then more steps in any direction we would suggest a Bruno Custom Curve Stair Lift. This unit also handles up to 400 lbs.

The Bruno Custom curve can also be installed in a commercial setting.

Paramount Living Aids aims to provide the right residential stairlift for your needs, and can provide custom modifications like seat size and foot rests. We have already installed many residential stairlifts to satisfied customers in Philadelphia PA, Harrisburg PA, Scranton PA, Allentown PA, and Lancaster PA. Give us a call at 484-408-0397 or email us at info@paramountlivingaids.com with any questions you may have or if you are interested in our smooth and comfortable stairlifts or other aids.