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Residential Porch Lifts

The Trus-T-Lift system

A vertical platform or porch lift provides an attractive and practical solution for making your home accessible for a wheelchair user. Alternatively, installing a ramp necessitates large amounts of time and money to build and uses more space than the simple and
inexpensive wheelchair lift.When installed indoors a Wheelchair Lift offers an affordable alternative to residential elevators.

A wheelchair lift can be customized to accommodate new or existing buildings with little or no modification.
The Trus-T-Lift system can be installed indoors or outdoors (i.e. as a porch lift) and is designed to be completely resistant to the harshest weather conditions

· Innovative Soft Touch Control Pads for ease of operation.
· Direct drive Worm-Gear / Screw-Nut Drive for maintenance free
operation, incorporating zero load start for cold weather climates (drive
system allows motor to get up to full speed before lifting car).
· Expanded Metal Platform allows full under platform visibility.
· Keyed Emergency Stop to control use of lift.
Trus-T-Lift's smooth and quiet performance makes this light weight, dependable.

ThyssenKrupp Porch-Lifts

Gain access to your home without a ramp, or simply make outdoor living a possibility with a ThyssenKrupp Porch-Lift! Call Paramount to come to your home to measure for a free no obligation estimate.

ThyssenKrupp Residential Porch-Lift

Click on the link above to view details about this model. As an independent distributor of Thyssen Krupp Lifts, Paramount carries a full line of their products. Visit the Thyssen Krupp website for additional information.